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Founded in 1999, in Miami, Florida by Robert Younis (President), V-Fox Programming & Consulting, Inc works with adaptive software, technologies and coaching to help our clients with systems efficiency, management, culture, leadership, teamwork, workflow and consulting. Finding innovative solutions to everyday business problems is what we do. Through the years, V-Fox has expanded its services into photography, video production, voice over, editing, performance, audition coaching, business & mindset coaching, and we continue to expand and grow.

About Us

About Us

Clients Served

Management & Computer Consultants, Inc.
Soft-Aid, Inc.
DashboardMD, Inc.
Hialeah Italian Tile, Inc.
CPS Products, Inc.
Diesel Machinery International Corp.
Southern Trucking Co Inc.


Business & Mindset Coaching for Executives
Audition & Performance Coaching for Actors
Video Production
Voice Over
Complex Problem Solving
Metrics & Analytics
Data Management & Mapping
And more....

PM Systems Mapped

AcumenMD | AllScripts | Aprima
Centricity IDX | Centricity PM
Cerner Millennium | eClinicalWorks
Clinix | EdgeMED | eMD | Greenway
Lytec | Medical Manager | Medisoft
MicroMD | MSI | NextGen
Sage Intergy | Soft-Aid

Robert is the best and the only life coach you’ll ever need! Robert is very attentive, intuitive, and clever. He reads between the lines and even identifies things I didn’t even know about. I love that he pushes me forward and shakes me up when I need it. Every time I have a session with Robert, I feel a little more awakened, more aware of who I am, what I should do, and where I stand. I’m so glad I finally found Robert! You won’t regret it! One session and you’ll be hooked!

Natasha PM


Robert’s empathy is what makes him a great coach. He is a gifted listener, so he listens to understand. One of the things that impressed me with him is that he repeated my concerns back to me. He let me hear myself through his voice. Every time he said, “so what I am hearing,” he made me feel that not only was he listening, but I was as well. I felt validated.

Lynda E


Robert has a highly and accurate level of perception of reality, especially in the realms of human psycho-dynamics, human behavior, and systems. He has the ability to identify and articulate problems and inconsistencies. He has exceptional communication skills, strong rapport skills, a predisposition to care, community, and empathy.


Advisor & Strategist

Robert is a natural at breaking down barriers and helping you to see the essence of an issue and the different approaches you can take in resolving it. He helped to bring clarity to a situation I was struggling with and did so without making me feel incompetent or naive. He’s a people person and his passion for understanding the human psyche is palpable. He taught me to look beyond my narrow view and to see what was holding me back with kindness and at times humor. He is a spotlight when you are feeling lost or confused, guiding and leading you to a solution. I’ve sought help in the past and it’s often just a lot of talk and no resolution. Robert helped me find actionable steps to solving my issue and gave me the confidence to do so. I highly recommend him for those who are feeling stuck, lacking motivation or just need a loving nudge to move forward in any direction of their lives.

Stephanie Greco

Yoga Instructor

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